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2 years ago

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My brother - in-law Ronnie had told everyone he would go home for my wedding ceremony on the night of my wedding dress on my ' out' clothes. However, he had told me cowlist I was going to fuck you again - my first powder as a married woman I was caught just before the wedding and had not cleaned his cum in my thighs, and now it was my hot pussy wet with the thought of his beautiful cock in me again. Ronnie V told my new husband, I was going to take back to the reception in an hour or so and left cowlist the room and went home. " I can not believe you're going to fuck Ronnie again," he said, "How lucky can get a girl? cowlist " " Do not worry G," he replied, laughing: "I will return to their new husband, newly married and happy and truly fucked. " as we stopped on the way home, I saw two cowlist men in cowlist the lobby of the main door, and recognized it as an AlanDougie th, Friends of Ronnie, who had fucked me many times before. I turned to Ronnie, but before he could say anything, said: " Yes, dear, I told you it would be nice to be fucked, and have had three cocks in front of you get your new husband, even you. " out of the car and headed for the door feeling very nervous. I had no idea that Ronnie cowlist had organized this mini -gang -bang, cowlist but as always, I would do what he said. Alan and Dougie groped me, as I squeezed past them and into the room, and I felt my nipples harden. The three men sat in the living room and stayed there posing in my full wedding dress dirty and enjoy receiving hostile comments as rubbing their cocks through their clothes were. "I think some gentle suction, would be of first order, is not it gentlemen? " Ronnie said with a smile as he rose. "In your girlfriend fucking knees and start sucking me. " He ordered. I did as she knelt on the floor and money, unzip its cowlist tStirrers and pulls out his cock hardening. I started to stroke, push back the foreskin, I leaned forward to run my tongue around the glans, as I knew he loved. There was a sudden flash of light and the corner of my eye I saw Alan with a camera. After a few minutes to lick and suck Ronnie, he retired and was replaced by Dougie, the success that lasts. His cock cowlist slid easily between my lips and started sucking me, as I cradled his balls and squeezed. Then it was time for Alan. When Alan approached me, I saw that Ronnie had his video camera and started shooting, and was now under Dougie Stills. They had filmed and photographed many times myself, and I had fun having sex in front of the camera. Alan started fellatio, with most of his seven inches in the throat. the name of one or two minutes non stop Ronnie, because he wanted one of them cum too soon. I knew what was required of me, without telling Ronnie. "Please, Ronnie, I would like for you and your friends to fuck me in my wedding dress. My husband loves me yet, but I played their tails. "" What, " said Alan, " for a fucking bitch, I've always dreamed of fucking a bride on her wedding day. It's a shame she is not virgin, but they do. " We stopped, the men shed their clothes were like us, and roughly pushed me in bed. Ronnie lifted her dress, his hand straight into my wet pussy now, as Alan my panty down. I. I was half sitting, open my bra and pulled cowlist away from me, took my nipples hard in the mouth and teeth will bite "Please, Ronnie," he said, "Let me be the first. Fuck me, cum inside me. " I pleaded. S I raised my hips are like Ronnie pulled me cowlist by the belt and handed it cowlist to Dougie. It was the first moisture of my pussy and kept him in the nose, sniffing eagerly. S I opened my legs, and the three man's fingers slid into me. I was drenched, and I think it might be hard cock against Ronnie orI f. I pulled my lips apart invitation. " Come on Ronnie, me, fuck fucking his girlfri
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